Trinity College, Dublin holds a range of manuscripts:

Section I: The Roman Inquisition

An engrossing catalogue of sin and retribution. Includes Pontifical briefs and bulls; Inquisitors sentences, and proceedings against witchcraft, heresy, blasphemy and immorality.

10 reels
Reference: TCE

Section II: Secular Studies

In four parts:

  • Music
  • Law
  • Heraldry/Genealogy
  • General

61 reels
Reference: TCF

Section III: Waldensian & Icelandic Manuscripts

Contains 15th – 17th century papers relating to the Waldensian heretics and 16th – 18th century Icelandic sagas and laws.

12 reels
Reference: TCG

Section IV: Literature

Includes French and English poems, treatises on grammar and rhetoric, notes on Hebrew grammar, Greek and Latin classics as well as a comprehensive set of library catalogues.

22 reels
Reference: TCH