Over six hundred and fifty volumes of printed texts from the 16th and 17th centuries are included in this major new microfilm collection.

Among the treasures of the collection are almost all the works of Byrd to be printed in his lifetime, including the two books of Gradualia (1610) and the famous Cantiones, quae ab argumento sacrae vocantur, published jointly with Tallis in 1575.

The collection as a whole consists chiefly of English and continental works from the 16th and 17th centuries, with a few representatives of the 18th century, and is particularly rich in masses, motets, madrigals and anthems. Italian composers are represented by Palestrina, Victoria, Monteverdi, Marenzio and Grandi, among many others. English madrigalists include Morley, Gibbons and Peter Philips, together with the influential anthology of translated madrigals Musica transalpina (1688).

The Christ Church microfilm is based on the Catalogue of Printed Music, edited by Alois Hiff, Oxford 1919, which is itself included in the microfilm set.

76 reels
Reference: XCM