The medieval manuscripts in Lambeth Palace Library number over 600 volumes dating from the 9th to the 15th centuries. The collection was made principally at the beginning of the 17th century and is in its range and quality one of the most Important collections in existence. It is now available on microfilm in its entirety.

In addition to masterpieces of medieval art such as the Lambeth Bible and the Lambeth Apocalypse, it covers almost every aspect of medieval thought and learning, notably art, history, poetry (including English poetry), medicine, philosophy, liturgy, the Bible, and Greek and Latin Classical literature.

Complete collection 172 reels.

Section I: Old English, French Etc.

17 reels

Section II: Law Manuscripts

18 reels

Section III: Illuminated Manuscripts

8 colour reels

Section IV: Humanistic Studies

39 reels

Section V: Theology

31 reels

Section VI: Biblical Studies

34 reels

Section VII: Liturgy

8 reels

Section VIII: Patristics

16 reels

Catalogue By M.R. James

1 reel