The medieval manuscripts in Lambeth Palace Library number over 600 volumes dating from the 9th to the 15th centuries. The collection was made principally at the beginning of the 17th century and is in its range and quality one of the most Important collections in existence. It is now available on microfilm in its entirety.

In addition to masterpieces of medieval art such as the Lambeth Bible and the Lambeth Apocalypse, it covers almost every aspect of medieval thought and learning, notably art, history, poetry (including English poetry), medicine, philosophy, liturgy, the Bible, and Greek and Latin Classical literature.

The division into 8 sections was compiled by Dr. R.W. Hunt, Keeper of Western Manuscripts at the Bodleian Library.

The manuscript titles in the lists below are intended only as a guide and finding aid for the microfilm. The full detailed title and description of each manuscript is to be found in M.R. James’ “Descriptive Catalogue of Manuscripts in the Library of Lambeth Palace”, Cambridge, 1932, from which these one-line titles are taken, and to which they are directly correlated. The Catalogue is supplied with the complete collection.

Complete collection 172 35mm positive roll microfilm (8 colour)
Reference: LPL

Section I: Old English, French Etc.

17 reels


Reel Manuscript Title
1 34 R. Hampole on the Psalms. 14th-15th centuries
  72 Golden Legend. 15th century
2 84 Brut Chronicle. 15th century
  108 Acts and Epistles in Slavonic. 16th century
3 117 Gawain Douglas’ Aeneid. 16th century
  131 Robert of Brunne. 15th century
4 182 I. Dementis
II. T. Stapleton. 16th century
III. De Penitentia. 13-14th centuries
IV. Devotional Treatise in French. 13th century
VII. Bulla (Boston Gild). 16th century
  192 I. Ph. Ribot
II. Th. Scroop. 15th century
  223 Legendary in English Verse. 14th century
5 256 Lydgate’s Bochas. 15th century
  259 Brut Chronicle. 15th century
  260 English Metric Homilies etc. 15th century
  264 Brut Chronicle. 15-16th centuries
6 265 Caxton’s Dictes of Philosophers. 15th century
  266 Egidus de Regimine Principum in French. 13th century
  267 Arbre des Batailles. 15th century
7 298 Sydrac. Somme le Roi. 14th century
  306 Chronicles, Poems etc. 15-16th centuries
  328 Speculum Vitae Christi in English. By Nicholas Love. 15th century
8 331 I. Brut Chronicle. 15th century
II. Gospel of Thomas. Life of St. Edward (The Confessor). 13th-14th centuries
  344 Lydgate etc. 15th century
  369 New Testament in English (Forshall and Madden no.47). 15th century
9 427 Psalterium Glosatum Anglo-Saxon. 10-11th centuries
  431 I & IV. Themata Excerpta. 12-13th centuries
II. Prosper. Aesopus. 14th century
III. S. Leo. 11th century
IV. Anselm etc. 12th century
V. Elucidarius Ansel mi. 12th century
  432 Life of S. Jerome. Hampole etc. 15th century
10 456 I. Priscian. 13th century
II. Organon
III. Lecture raes
IV. W. Burley. 15th century
V. Dictes des Philosophes. 15th century
  472 Walter Hilton. 15th century
  484 The Pore Caitif. 15th century
11 487 Sermons (Anglo-Saxon). 13th century
  489 Sermons (Anglo-Saxon). 11th century
  491 Brut in English. Poems. 15th century
  492 Prick of Conscience. 14th century
  501 Secreta Secretorum. 14th century
12 504 Rob. de Alvesbury. 14th century
  522 Chateau d’Amour. Devotional Poems etc. in French. 13th century
13 532 New Testament in English (Forshall and Madden no. 48). 15th century
  541 The Pore Caitif etc. 15th century
14 546 Devotions. 15th century
  547 Gospels and Cath. Epp. in English (Forshall and Madden no. 49). 15th century
  551 Wycliffite Tract. 15th century
  559 Devotions. 15th century
  596 Song of Dermot and the Earl. 13th century
15 633 James Yonge. Secreta Secretorum. 15th century
  742 Lydgate’s Siege of Thebes. 15th century
  853 English Poems. 14th century
  1033 Old Testament in English (Forshall and Madden no. 50). 15th century
16 1149 Sermons. J. Wycliffe. 14-15th centuries
  1150 New Testament in English (Forshall and Madden no. 51). 15th century
17 1151 New Testament in English. 15th century (continuation of 1150 on previous reel)
  1366 Gospels (in English). 14th-15th centuries
  1681 Poems (in French). 14th century

Section II: Law Manuscripts

18 reels


Reel Manuscript Title
1 13 Sext. etc. 14th century
  14 Digestum Vetus. 13th century
2 16 Azo. 13th century
  18 Sext. Decretales etc. 13th-14th centuries
  21 Innocentius. 14th century
3 26 Decretales Novae cum Apparatus. 14th century
  27 Codex etc. 13th century
4 30 Decretales Novae. 13th century
  31 Decretales Novae. 14th century
5 37 Digestum Vetus I-XIV. 13th century
  39 Leges Longobardorum etc. 13-14th centuries
  46 Clementinae. 15th century
6 47 Decretales Novae. 13th century
  49 Durandus etc. 13th-14th century
  60 Sextus. 14th century
7 87 I. Pupilla Oculi. 15th century
II J. Waldeby. 15th century
  92 Bracton. 13th century
8 93 Bracton. 13th century
  103 Decretales etc. 13th century
9 128 Johannes super Sextum. 14th century
  139 Ius Canonicum. 12th-13th centuries
  157 Registrum Brevium. 15th century
10 166 Statuta. Registrum Brevium 14th century
  171 Constitutiones Provinciates etc. 13th-14th centuries
  205 Bartholomaeus de Casibus etc. 14th century
11 216 Pars Oculi etc. 14th century
  270 Year Books etc. 15th-16th centuries
  350 Statuta Angliae. Registrum Brevium. 13th century
12 351 I. Excerpta Canonum etc. 12th century
II. Interpretat. nomin. Hebr. 12th century
  399 Summa Raymundi, Liber IV, Decretalium.13th century
  403 Breton. 14th century
13 404 Decretales abbreviatae etc. 13th century
  411 Comm. in Decretum. 13th century
  422 Registrum Brevium. 15th century
  428 Summa Raymundi. 13th century
14 429 I. Statuta Angliae. 13th-15th centuries
II. R. de Glanville. 12th-13th centuries
  430 Gregorii IX Decretales. 13th century
15 433 Constitutiones Provinciales. 15th century
  439 Gaufridus de Trano etc. 13th, 16th century
  449 Decretum Gratiani etc. 12th century
16 460 Comrn. in Constitt. Joh. Peckham etc. 15th century
  479 Constituciones Provinciales Cant. etc. 15th century
  538 Provincial Constitutions. 15th century
  543 Digest of Statutes. 15th century
17 556 Statuta. 14th-15th centuries
  564 Registrum Brevium. 13th-14th centuries
  567 Registrum Brevium. 13th-14th centuries
18 643 Bullae Paparum (2 volumes of important Papal Bulls, from Adrian IV to Clement VII)
  778 Constitutions Provinc. Cant. 15th century
  788 Statuta Angliae. 13th-14th centuries
  1042 Summa Raymundi. 13th-14th centuries

Section III: Illuminated Manuscripts

8 colour reels


Reel Manuscript Title
1 3 Pars Bibliorum. 12th century
  4 Pars Bibliorum. 12th century (these two manuscripts make up the famous Lambeth Bible)
2 6 “St. Albans’ Chronicle”. 15th century
  65 Missale Lemovicense. 15th century
3 69 Breviarum. 15th century (Archbishop Chichele’s copy)
  75 Apocalypse in French. 13th century
4 89 Blblia. 13th century
  107 Hugo de Folieto. 12th century
5 144 Collectiones Th. de Ctrencestria. 14th century. Gregorii Homiliae. 12th century
  186 Psalter. 15th century
  209 The Lambeth Apocalypse. 13th century
6 233 Psalter. 14th century
  326 Pelerinage de L’Ame. 15th century (made for John Duke of Bedford)
  368 Psalter. 13th century
7 434 Apocalypse. 13th century
  455 Horae. 15th century
  459 Horae. 15th century
  463 Portolano. 16th century
  474 Horae. 15th century (belonged to Richard III, though written earlier)
8 558 Psalter etc. 13th-15th centuries
  563 St. Neot’s Psalter 13th century
  1370 The MacDurnan Gospels 9th century

Section IV: Humanistic Studies

39 reels


Reel Manuscript Title
1 8 Radutphus de Dice to. 12th century
  10 Io. Tynemouth Historia Aurea. 14th century
2 11 Io. Tynemouth Historia Aurea. 14th century
  12 Io. Tynemouth Historia Aurea. 14th century
3 19 Chronicle. 16th century
  22 Scala Mundi etc. 15th century
  24 Martini Chronicon, etc. 13th-14th/16th centuries
  25 Bible in English. 14th century
4 35 Dominicus de Bandinis. 15th century
  42 Florence of Worcester. 12th century
5 48 Polychronicon. 14th century
  66 Jon. Mimallis. 16th century
6 67 I. Boethius. 12th century
II. Tabulae Astronomicae 12th century
  72 Golden Legend. 15th century
7 73 William of Newburgh. Pastor Hermae. 13th century
  80 I. Hugutio. 14th century
II. Bernardus Papiensis etc. 13th century
  94 Vitae Sanctorum (Jan, Feb). 13th century
8 99 Chronica. 15th century
  104 Polychronicon. 14-15th centuries
9 112 Polychronicon. 14th century
  118 Henry of Huntingdon. 12th century
  135 Vitae S. Thomas et St. Edmundi Cantuar. 13th century
10 136 Epistolae Thomas Becket. 13th century
  137 Bartholomaeus Anglicus etc. 14th century
11 138 I. Seneca. 13th century
II. Vitae S. Edwardi
III. S. Thomae Cant. 12-13th centuries
IV. Transcripts
  159 Vitae SS. Cantuariensium etc. 16th century
12 160 Polychronicon. 15th century
  163 Vitae S. Bernardi et S. Anselmi. 13th century
  174 P. de Crescentiis. 15th century
13 175 Eadmer. 16th century
  177 Order of St. John of Jerusalem. 15th century
  179 I. Henr. Huntingdon etc. 13th century
II. Stat. Angliae. 13-14th centuries
III. Life of More. 16th century
IV. Life of Wolsey. 17th century
14 181 Polychronicon. 15th century
  183 Th. Rudburn Historia Maior. 15th century
15 188 Flores Historiarum etc. 13th, 14-15th centuries
Galfr. Monumetensis. 14th century
  195 Prisciana l-XVI. 12th century
16 196 Priscianus. 12th century
  198 Peterborough Consuetudinary
  198b Vols I & III c. 1340
17 200 I.R. Bacon. 14-15th centuries
II. Aldhelm etc. 10th century, 12-15th centuries
  211 Bp. Bekynton’s Correspondence. 15th century
18 212 Nic. de Clemangiis. 15th century
  221 I. lo. Calderinus. 15th century
II. Testamentum Jo. Grandison. 15th century. Formulae etc. 15th century
19 232 Seneca. 12th century
  236 Giraldus Cambrensis. 13th century
  238 I. Launentii Dunemensis opera
II. Alani Antidaudianus
III. Guaiteri Alexandreis
IV. Senatus de Missa, etc. All 13th century
20 241 Register of Dover Priory. 14-15th centuries
  242 Accounts of Christ Church Canterbury. Vol. I 1257-1326
21 243 Accounts of Christ Church Canterbury. Vol. II 1327-1391
  303 Gervase of Canterbury etc. 15th century
  327 Henry of Huntingdon. 12-13th centuries
22 330 Comm. in Valerium ad Ruffinum. 15th century
  340 Chronica. 15th century
  341 Petrus de Monte, etc. 15th century
23 342 I. Cicero de Officiis. 12-13th centuries
II. Somnium Sdpionis. 13- 14th centuries
III. Macrobius Fulgentius etc. 12-15th centuries
  354 Petrus de Monte. 1470
  355 Ivonis Chronicon etc. 12-13th centuries
24 357 I.R. Hampole etc.
II. Office of St. Kenan 15th century
  362 Passio S. Edmundi. 11th century
  375 Aibertanus Brixiensis. 14th century
  379 I. Galfr. Monumetensis 12th-13th centuries
II. Stimulus Amoris 15th century
  384 Aibertanus Brixiensis. 15th century
25 386 Chronicon Angliae. 16th century
  389 I. Interpretationes numinum Hebr. 12th century
II. Glossarium 12-13th centuries
  398 Sermons. Qui bene praesunt. W. Mesel etc. 13th century
26 401 Dares Phrygius, etc. Galfr. Monumetensis. Gesta Alexandri 14th century
  409 Medica. 4 vols. 13th & 14th centuries
  410 Augustini Bernardi etc. quaedam. Joh. de Hoveden Philomela. 15th century
27 413 Records of the General Chapters of the Carthusian Order 1417-1481
28 415 Epistolae Cantuarienses. 13th century
  419 Chronica. Joh. Bever. T. Sprot 14th century
  421 Petrus Blesensis etc. 12-13th centuries
29 423 I. Organon
II. Priscianus Minor etc. 13th century
  425 I. Cicero. 12-13th century
II, III. Horace. 12th, 15th centuries
IV. Palladius 12th century
  440 Ivonis Chronicon. Holyrood Chronicle. 12th century
30 443 Laurentius Dunelmensis. 12th century
  444 Medica. 4 Vols. 13th, 14th & 15th centuries
30 448 Chronica et Memoranda Eliensia. 15th-16th centuries
31 454 I. Almanack. 15th century
IV. Galfr. Monumetensis 12th, 13-14th centuries
  461 Georgius Send. (Gennadius) contra Latinos. 15th century
  466 Musica quaedam. W. Qhelle. 1526
32 471 I. Virgil
II. W. de Castellione. 12th century
  475 I. Musica Ecdesiastica. 15th century
II. Vita Rob. de Bethune. 12th century
  478 I. Andreas Oomtn icus etc.
III. Constituciones Provinciates Cant. 15th century
  482 Epistolae quaedam pontificum. 15th- 16th centuries
33 493 Chronicon Angliae. 15th century
  502 Miscellanea. Angliae Canon Law, Grammar, Sermons etc. 12-14th centuries
  503 Galfr. Monumetensis. 14th century
  506 William Worcester, Collections on Normandy. 15-16th centuries
  527 Chronicle. Prophecies of Merlin etc. 14th century
34 528 IV Evangelia Graece (Codex Ephesinus). 12th century
  530 Aurora. 13th century
  531 Aurora. 13th century
  562 Astrologica etc. 16th century
  585 Extracts from Registers, etc. 17th century (includes a fragment of a 14th century catalogue of the books in the Benedictine Abbey of Ramsey)
36 598 Th. Bray. J. Creton etc. 15th century
  622 Giraldus Cambrensis. 15th century
  693 Petronius. 16th century
  719 Launceston Priory Register. 15th century
37 752 Frontinus, Vegetius. 13th century
  759 Sallust. 15th century
  761 Vita S. Edwardi. 13th century
  802 Eunomius. 17th century
  854 Documents. Hailes Abbey. 16th century
  878 Chronicle etc. London. 15th century
38 1106 Flores Historiarum etc. 13-14th centuries
  1170 Chronicon inrotulatum. 15th century
  1171 Two ‘descents from Adam’. The first, which once reached to Edward IV, now ends imperfectly in the fifth century. The second reaches to Henry VI
  1213 Diversi tractatus monasterii S. Augustini Cantuar. 13-14th centuries
39 1214 Catena super Leviticum usque Ruth. 1104
  1994 Lionardo di Niccolo Frescobaldi, Viaggio (in Italian). 15th century (the author’s account of his journey to the Holy Land in 1384-1385)

Section V: Theology

31 reels


Reel Manuscript Title
1 1 Anthem Book. 16th century
  32 T. Bradwardine. 1385
2 36 Alexander of Jumieges etc. 13th century
  41 Mauricti Otstinctiones. 14th century
  43 lanaensis Sermones. 14th century
3 51 Petrus Londoniensis de Visionibus. 13th century
4 52 Mariale etc. 14th century
  55 Artstotelis Metaphysica. 13-14th centuries
  58 S. Thomas super Quartum. 13th century
5 59 Anselmi Epistolae, etc. 12th, 15th centuries
  70 Burley et Ockham. 14th century
6 74 Burley. 14th century
  78 W. Chartham Speculum Parvulorum. 15th century
7 79 Summa Joh. Dumbieton. 14-15th centuries
  97 S. Thomas super Metaphysica etc. 13th century
  100 Alexander etc. super Aristotelem. 15th century
8 111 Egidius super Aristotelem. 13th century
  115 Sententiae P. Lombardi 14th century
9 122 P. Cantor. c. 1200
  132 Mauricii Distinctiones. 14-15th centuries
  133 Humbertus super Regulam S. Augustini. 15th century
10 143 W. Burley. 15th century
  144 I. Collectiones Th. de Cirencestria. 14th century
II. Gregorii Homiliae. 12th century
11 150 Egidius Romanus. 14th century
  158 Armachanus. 14th century
  165 I. Penitentiale. Homiliae etc.
II. G. Babion. 13th century
12 168 Ockam. 15-16th centuries
  176 I. Comestor. 13th century
II. Jo. Beleth etc. 12-13th centuries
13 184 Egidius Romanus. Petrus Thomas. 1460-1461
  185 Hildeberti Sermones. 12th-13th centuries
  189 Hugo de Saramentts 11th-12th centuries
14 199 Historia V.T. Sententiae abbreviatae Praepositivus etc. 12-13th centuries
  210 Beldewini Cantuar. Opuscula. 13th century
15 222 Legenda Aurea. 1356
  224 Anselmi opera. 12th, 14th centuries
16 235 Io Beleth etc. 13th century
  261 Barlaam (excerpts). W. de Montibus etc. 13th century
  329 Nich. de Aquarilla etc. 1417
17 339 Organon. Boethius etc. 12th century
  347 W. Autissiodorensis. 13th century
18 352 Vita Adae. Visiones. R. Hampole on the Psalms etc. 14-15th centuries
  353 Anselmus, Caesarius, Effrem etc. 13th century
  366 Innocentius III. Jo. Beleth. 13th century
19 367 P. Lombardus. 13th century
  370 Quaestiones super Sententias. 15th century
20 371 Chronica etc. (from Reading Abbey). 13th century
  373 Smaragdus etc. 12th century
  376 Gul. Peraldus de Virtutibus. 13th century
21 388 Sermones etc. 13-14th centuries
  390 I. Gul. Peraldus de Vitiis
II. Concordance. 13th century
22 391 Sermones Babionis. 12th century
  392 I. (illustrations of the Seven Deadly Sins)
II. Qui Bene Praesunt. 13th century
III. Pharetra Sacramenti. 15th century
IV. Sermones etc. 12th, 15th centuries
  393 Penbygull etc. 15th century
23 394 I. Innocentius Hi.
II. Quaestiones. 13th century
  396 Questiones. 15th century
  397 I. Bernardus
II. Hugo. 12th century
24 400 P. Lombard Senteptiae. 13th century
  408 I. Jon. de Thoresby Mandatum. 15th century
II. Sermones. 12th century
  412 Sepculum S. Edwardi etc. 1458
25 420 Mariale etc. 12-13th centuries
  436 Horologium Div. Sapientiae. 15th century
  437 I. Meditationes. 15th century
II. Bernardi quaedam etc. 12-13th centuries
  450 Laur. Guil. de Savona. 1485
26 457 I. Themata.15th century
ll. Dieta Sal utis. 12-13th century
III. Sermones. Excerpta. 13-14th centuries
  458 I. Summa Theologiae
II. Bernardus. Rob. Pullanus. 12th century
  473 G. Peraldus de Vitiis. 13th century
27 480 Sermones. 13th century
  481 Hugo de S. Victoire. Petrus Cantor. Sermones. Scintillarium etc. 12-13th centuries
  483 I. Rob. Grosseteste
II. Dieta Salutis
III. Themata. 14th century
28 486 Albertus super Sententias. 13th century
  488 l-V. Sermons etc. English and Latin
VI. T. Parvys’ Appeal. 16th century
  497 Sermones. 12th-13th centuries
29 498 Paupertas. 15th century
  499 Collectiones. 13th century
  500 Bernardus. R. De Hampoie etc. 15th century
30 505 Michael de Massa. 1430
  523 Grosseteste de oculo morali etc. 15th century
  529 Nic. de Lyra. Bonaventura. Th. de Aquino. 1479
  536 Musica Ecclesiastica etc. 15th century
  542 I. Regula S. Augustini
II. Hugo de Folieto etc. 13-14th centuries
  550 Sermons Collections etc. 12th century
31 557 Sermons etc. 13th century
  877 H. de Folieto. 13th century
  1208 R. Armachanti quaedam. 15th century
  1415 Exposition of Pentateuch by Langton. 13th century

Section VI: Biblical Studies

34 reels


Reel Manuscript Title
1 5 Concordantiae Sententiales etc. 14th century
  9 Lyra super Bibliam. 14th-15th centuries
2 23 Alex. Neckam. super Cant. etc. 14th-15th centuries
  28 Unum ex quatuor. 12th century
3 33 T. Ryngstead in Proverbia. 15th century
  40 P. Lombardus in Psalmos. 13th century
4 57 Epp. Paul Glosatae. 13th century
  61 I. Alex Neckam. 12-13th centuries
II. Sixti
III. Henr. de Herkley. 14th century
IV. Bulla. 15th century
5 62 Ric. Pratellensis in Genesim. 12th century
  63 P. Lombardus in Psalmos. 12-13th centuries
6 71 I. Cantor. 13th century
II. Stephanus Cantuar. 12-13th centuries
  77 Ezechietet Daniel Glosati. 13th century
  81 Job et Daniel Glosati. 12-13th centuries
7 82 Petrus Pictavensis. 13th century
  83 Historia Scholastica. 13th century
  85 Libri Regum Glasati. 12th century
8 90 Biblia Sacra. 13th century
  102 Lucas et lohannes Glosati. 12-13th centuries
9 105 I. Richardus Barre super Biblia
II. Bernardus Papiensis etc. 13th century
  110 Exodus Glosatus. 12th century
  114 Liber Judicum etc. Glosati. 12th century
10 116 De Nomimbus Hebraicis, etc. 14th century
  119 Johannes Supprior (Lanthon.) in Apocalypsim. 12th century
11 127 I. Jon. de Abbatisvilla. 13-14th centuries
II. Hieronymus et alii in Apocalypsim. 15th century
  130 Matthaeus glosatus. 12-13th centuries
  134 Isaias Jeremias Threni glosati. 12-13th centuries
12 142 I. Petri (Pictavensis) Summa. 13th century
II. Rad. de Londoniis etc. 14th century
  111. Glossae super unum ex quatuor. 12th century
  147 Beda super Parabolas, super Marcum etc. 12th century
  148 Beda super Genesim: Alcuini Quaestiones. 12th century
13 149 I. Beda super Apocalypsim. 10th century
II. Aug. de adulterinis conjugtis
III. Augustini et aliorum tractatus. 12th-13th centuries
  153 I. Isaias glosatus. 12th century
II. Evangel Jorum fragments. 12th century
III. Lucas gl. 13th century
  154 Exodus glosatus. 12th century
14 156 Historia Scholastica. 13th century
  161 Bemardus super Cantica. 12th-13th centuries
  162 Repertorium Bibliae. 15th century
15 164 Epp. Pauli glosatae. 12th century
  170 Psalterium glosatum. 12th century
  172 Concordance etc. 14th century
16 180 I. Russet super Cantica
II. Smaragdus etc. 14th century
  187 Bernardus super Cantica. 12th century
17 190 Biblia. 13-14th centuries
18 191 Beda. Augustinus etc.
  197 Psalterium glosatum. 12th century
19 206 I. Comm. in Matthaeum. 15th century
II. lo. De Rupella. 13th century
  207 Epp. Pauli glosatae. 12th century
20 208 Isaias glosatus. 12th century
  217 III. Jobgl
III. Matthaeus gl
IV. Epp. Pauli gl. 12-13th centuries
21 219 Odo Astensis (?) super Psalmos. 12th century
  220 Lucas glosatus. 12th century
  227 Comm. in Psalterium. 13th century
22 228 Matthaeus glosatus. 12-13th centuries
  229 Matthaeus glosatus. 12th century
  230 Matthaeus glosatus. 12th century
  231 Matthaeus glosatus. 12th century
23 239 Clemens Lanthoniensis in Epp. Catholicas. 12th century
  253 Historia Scholastica. 13th century
24 335 Proverbia etc. glosata. 13th century
  343 Deuteronium et Josue glosati. 12th century
25 348 Biblia. 13th century
  349 Genesis glosata. 12th century
26 358 Berengaudus super Apocalypsim Elucidarium. 12th century
  359 Berengaudus super Apocalypsium. 11th century
  360 I. Notae super Biblia. Ivo Carnot etc. 12-13th centuries
II. Johannes Gasco minorita. 15th century
27 385 Lucas glosatus. 12th century
  387 Marcus glosatus. 12th century
  395 Hester etc. glosati. 12-13th centuries
  414 I. Excerpta Aug. Hieron; Ambr. etc.; Victorinus etc. 10th century
ll. lohannesgl. 12th century
28 435 Psalterium Hebraice. 13th century
  441 Langton super Prophetas etc. 13th century
  452 Bemardus super Cantica. 12th century
29 477 I. Pictor in Carmine
II. Themata, Concordantia etc. 13th century
30 534 Biblia. 13th-14th centuries
31 544 Biblia. 13th century
32 756 Biblia. 13th century
33 1152 Biblia Sacra. 13th century
34 1362 Biblia. 13th century (bound in two volumes, A & B). Given to the Church of Bredgar, Kent in 1474, and still there in 1805

Section VII: Liturgy

8 reels


Reel Manuscript Title
1 7 Antiphoner. Printed Calendar. 15th century
  20 Martyrology etc. of Christ Church, Canterbury. 16th century
2 68 Durandi Rationale. 14th century
  86 Lectionarium. 14th century
3 120 Hugutio etc. 13th-14th centuries
  193 Rituale Armelitarum. 15th century
  213 Missale. 15th century
4 334 Epistolarium. 12th century
  363 Isidorus de Eccles. Offic. Willelmi Abbrev. Amalarii. Ivo Camotensis etc. 12-13th centuries
  380 I. Isidorus etc.
II. Willelmi Abbrev. Amalarii. Ivo Carnotensis etc. 12th century
  438 Processionale (Sarum). 15th century
5 496 Horae. 15th century
  535 Psalter. 15th century
  545 Horae (Lewkenor). 15th century
  560 Horae etc. 15th century
  561 Horae. 15th century
6 873 Almanack (Croyland). 15th century
  1158 Psalter. 15th century
  1501* Antiphonale etc. Early 16th century
  1503* Ordinarium Cisterciense. 15th century
7 1504* Psalmi Pentitentialies, Latine et Atialice. 15th century
  1505* ‘Ordinarius de Officio Sepulture’ etc.
  1506* Kalendarium. 1531
  1507* Officia Liturgica. Late 15th century
  1508* Horae. Early 16th century
8 1509* Pontificale. 1522-1528
  1510* Fragments. 13th-16th centuries
  1511* Antiphonale. 14th century
  1512* Breviarium Cisterciense. Early 15th century
  1513* Pontificale. Late 15th century
  1514* Pontificale. Late 12th century

*Manuscripts 1501 – 1514 form part of the Eeles Collection given to Lambeth Palace Library in 1954 (collection of Francis Carolus Eeles).

Section VIII: Patristics

16 reels


Reel Manuscript Title
1 29 Cassiodorus. 13th century
  38 Opus imperfectum. 15th century
  44 Augustinus in lohannem
  45 Isidori Etymologiae. 12th century
2 50 Augustini quaedam. 1468
  56 Gregorii Marlia I-X. 12th century
3 64 Gregorii Registrum. 12th century
  76 I, II. Isidorus, Hieronymus, Augustinus etc. 12th century
  88 Augustini quaedam. 12th century
4 95 Augustinius in Genesim. 12th century
  96 Gregorii quaedam. 11-12th centuries
  101 loh. Cassiani Co 11 atones XXIV. 12th century
5 106 Cypriani opera. 12th century
  109 Gregorii Marlia Vl-X fragments. 12th century
  129 Ioh. Damascenus. Augustini Ambrosii Hugonis quaedam. 14th century
6 141 Augustinus deTrinitate. 13th century
  145 I, II. Opus imperfectum in Matthaeum. Ps. Chrysostomi quaedam. 15th, 12th centuries
  146 Ambrosius super Lucam. 12th century
7 151 I. Augustini Ansel mi etc quaedam
II.  Regula SJVugustini etc. 13th century
  152 Gregorii Moralia XI-XXII. 12th century
8 173 I. Egesippus
II. Visiones et Vitae SS
III. Sermo de omnibus SS. 11-12th centuries
  201 Augustini quaedam. 13th century
  202 Augustinus, Isidorus etc. 12th century
9 203 I. Augustini Confessiones. 12th century
II. Flores Gregorii. 14th century
  204 Gregorii Dialogi. Ephrem. 10-11th centuries
  214 I. Augustini quaedam
II. Miracula B.V.M. etc. 12th century
  215 Vigilius Thapsensis. 12th century
10 218 I. Gregorii lib. Pastoralis. 12th century
II. Joh. Cassianus. 14th century
III. Alcuini Epp. 9th century
  237 I, II. Augustini, Gregorii Naz., Bedae quaedam etc. 12th , 14th centuries
III. Sexti Sent. 10th century
  240 Gregorius super Ezechielem. 12th century
11 325 Ennodius. 10th century
  336 Augustini Confessiones. 12th century
  337 Augustini quaedam. 12th century
12 338 I. Gregorius Nazianzenus
II. Leo Papa
III. Emesenus etc. 12th centuries
  345 Mil. Gregorii quaedam etc. 12-13th, 15th centuries
  346 Joh. Cassianus. 12th century
  356 III. Hieronymi quaedawu Vitae SS. Dominiti et Francisc. 13th-14th centuries
IV. Anselmi quaedam etc. 12-13th centuries
  361 Hieronymi quaedam. 15th century
14 364 Cassiodori Varia
  365 Augustini quaedam. 12th century
  372 Augustini quaedam. 12-13th centuries
15 377 Isidorus de Summo Bone. 10th century
  378 I. Alcutnus Basilius Caesarius
III. Egesippus. Ambrosii Hetaemeron. 12-14th centuries
  382 Dionysii Areopagitae duplex editio. Thomas Verzellensis. 13th century
16 442 Joh. Chrysostomi quaedam. 12th century
  451 III. Hieronymus contra Jovintanum. Ric de S. Victore etc. 12th century

Catalogue By M.R. James

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