Digest Registers Of Births, Marriages & Burials For England & Wales 17th Century – 1837

The Society of Friends has a reputation for good record-keeping. Its original registers were passed to the Public Record Office and there is a full set at the Library of the Society of Friends. These are known as digest registers and are arranged quarterly by region. For each “quarterly meeting” there is a birth, a marriage and a burial register, with names grouped alphabetically and chronologically within each letter.

Records for each county are generally on separate reels, and can be purchased individually. Details on request.

32 reels
Reference: DGR

Society Of Friends. London Two Weeks Meeting: Minutes 1672 – 1789

The main task of the Two Weeks Meeting was to superintend the marriages of Friends. The minutes show names and residences and, after 1680, descriptions and/or occupations of the parties and their parents. As such, they are an important tool for social studies over more than a century. There is a full name index.

8 reels
Reference: LWM

Society Of Friends. Meetings For Sufferings Archives: The Great Book Of Sufferings 1659 – 1793

The twenty nine volumes of the Great Book of Sufferings contain names of Friends prosecuted, distrained or otherwise “suffering” for the sake of Quaker testimonies. Each volume is indexed and covers a group of counties for each particular year. In most cases the names of informers, priests, constables and justices are indexed. The microfilm is useful for research into genealogy, social attitudes and religious tolerance.

29 reels
Reference: GBS

Early Quaker Writings: First Series. 1650 – 1750

Printed works by leading 17th and 18th century Quakers, including George Bishop, Edward Burrough, Richard Farnworth, George Fox, William Penn and George Whitehead.

25 reels
Reference: EQW

Early Quaker Writings: Second Series, 17th Century

Writings by Isaac Penington, Thomas Lawson, Francis Howgill, James Nayler.

10 reels
Reference: EQS

Quaker Manuscript Collection: Part A

Includes the Spence manuscripts (the journal of George Fox: three volumes), the Caton manuscripts, the Swarthmore manuscripts (four of eight volumes), and the Barclay manuscripts (six volumes).

14 reels
Reference: QMC