The Friend 1843 – 2006

Journal of the British Quaker Movement.

Published in London, The Friend’s policy of wide news coverage has given it a pre-eminent authority so that it is essential for 19th and 20th century studies. The articles in the Friend reflect social and theological issues, both in Britain and internationally.

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The Friends Quarterly 1867 – 2006

As the subtitle “A Religious, Social and Miscellaneous Review” suggests, The Friends Quarterly has, since its inception in 1867, covered a wide range of topics of interest to both social historian and theologian. The journal also makes available a mine of biographical and historical information on the Quaker movement in Britain, though its scope has been increasingly international.

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The British Friend 1843 – 1913

This monthly journal concerned itself directly with the topical issues of the day. The first issue characteristically contained sections on the abolition of slavery, peace societies and the “cause of temperance”. In 1913 it merged with The Friend.

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