The British Journal Of Photography 1854 – 2005

The British Journal of Photography began life in 1854 as the official organ of the Manchester and Liverpool Photographic Society, but the material it contained proved of a wider interest, so that in 1859 it went on open circulation throughout the UK, changing its name to The Journal of Photography.

141 reels
Reference: BJP

British Journal Of Photography Almanac 1860 – 1993

The British Journal Photographic Almanac began as a wall calendar given free with the Journal in January 1860, but in the following year was offered as a photographic data book.

75 reels
Reference: BJA

The Photographic News 1859 – 1908

“An important source document in the history of photography, fully justifying its microfilm edition. A very good quality of reproduction. The images are sharp with proper identification of the title, reel, volume numbers and contents of each reel”. Microform Review Volume 10 Number 3, Autumn 1981.

28 reels
Reference: PHN

Photographica 1969 – 2002

The journal of the Photographic Historical Society of New York. Photographica has regularly published rarely seen early photographs and information relating to the science of photography.

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Reference: PHA

The Photographic Art Journal 1851 – 1860

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Reference: PAJ

The Photographer’s Friend 1871 – 1874

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Reference: PFR