The ten thousand miles of news film contained in Pathé’s library could reach one third of the way around the equator! The hundreds of thousands of items within this vast collection contain everything from a pin to an elephant. Much of it is unique historic event such as the Delhi Durbar; the evacuation of Dunkirk and the Easter Rising in Ireland; personalities from the world of music, entertainment and politics; the fascinating story of seventy five years of aviation; industry and transport; wars, disasters and catastrophes; Royal occasions christenings, weddings, funerals, coronations and tours. Every item in the library is indexed for quick and easy reference, and is sub-divided into main groups, which, in turn are sub-divided into specific items. For example, aviation has forty sub-divisions. Again, as an example, just one of these sub-divisions Record Flights and Stunts is contained on more than one-hundred cards. The location index cards feature the USA, North Africa, Ethiopia, Czechoslovakia, Germany and Ireland as well as the UK. It is this complete card index, whose original is held only at Pathé’s headquarters, which is now available on microfilm.

Part I: Subject & Personality Index
Part II: Locations Index

68 reels
Reference: EMI