The collection of medieval manuscripts held at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge is one of the foremost in the Western World. In particular it is renowned for the quality and number of its Anglo-Saxon manuscripts, which devolved mainly from the famous collection deposited by Archbishop Parker on his death in 1575. The unusually good condition of his collection, and its remarkable intactness, owe much to the special condition imposed by Archbishop Parker.

Among the great treasures of the collection are the Canterbury Gospels, the Peterborough Psalter, Chaucer’s Troilus and Criseyde, the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles, the Dover Bible and the Bury Bible.

There are six main subject areas in the manuscripts: Theology; The Bible and Biblical Studies; Law Manuscripts; Literature and Music, with the Greek and Latin Classics; Historical Manuscripts and Medica and the Natural Sciences. Separate sections have been made up of each of these, and the remainder of the manuscripts (mainly those containing a variety of subjects) are contained in a seventh section under the general heading Secular Studies.

Thus most of the main areas of Anglo-Saxon and Medieval study are to be found in this magnificent collection of some four hundred volumes, on one hundred and fifty five reels of 35mm silver positive roll microfilm.

The manuscript titles are taken from M.R. James two-volume descriptive catalogue of the manuscripts in the Library of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. C.U.P. 1912. James one-line titles (and in some cases titles based on James description of contents) are intended only as a guide and finding aid for the microfilm. For full details reference should be made to the very comprehensive entries in James catalogue. The catalogue is out of print but can be supplied in microfilm if required. Please enquire.

The collection may be purchased as a whole, by subject section, or by individual reels. Detailed contents list available free on request.

Complete collection 155 reels
Reference: CCCC

Section I: Theology

48 reels

Section II: Biblical Studies

17 reels

Section II: Biblical Studies

17 reels

Section III: Law Manuscripts

7 reels

Section IV: Literature & Music With The Greek & Latin Classics

18 reels

Section V: History

38 reels

Section VI: Medica & Natural Sciences

11 reels

Section VII: Secular Studies

16 reels