One of the most significant manuscript collections in Western Europe, this is a rich and convenient collection for use by medievalists in all fields. The colour in reel 9, which includes a 15th century Flemish Office of the Virgin, a 15th century French psalter and a 16th century Italian antiphonary, is superb, giving a good sense of the luminous quality of medieval illumination. Ronald B. Herzman Microfilm Review.

The collection may be purchased as a whole, by subject section, or by individual reels. Detailed contents list available free on request.

Complete collection 83 reels (10 colour)
Reference: LCM

Section I: Illuminated Manuscripts

10 colour reels

Section II: Law & Administration

11 reels

Section III: Secular Manuscripts

13 reels

Section IV: Theology

16 reels

Section V: Biblical Studies

19 reels

Section VI: Sermons; Homilies; Liturgy; Saint’s Lives

13 reels

Catalogue By F.M. Woolley

1 reel