The Diaries Of Elizabeth Fry 1797 – 1845

The Library of the Quaker Movement is rich in valuable material, but of particular importance are the Diaries of Elizabeth Fry. They form a valuable source for study in many areas, detailing her prison work, her educational work and her private life, including her financial affairs.

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Quaker Women’s Diaries: 18th – 19th Centuries

A number of very interesting manuscript diaries have been deposited at the Friends House Library. For example, Betty Fothergill’s diary for 1769 – 1770 gives a detailed account of Quaker life in late 18th century London, and the diary of Betty Bishop covers the last twenty years of the 18th century in Somerset. The diaries are among the few records of ordinary life to have survived. Also included are the Journals of Elizabeth Robson.

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