Includes The Red Evangel: A Biography of Guy Aldred and an aid to the study of Aldred’s thought The Essential Aldred, by John Taylor Caldwell. The Aldred Papers are an invaluable source of material in social and political history. His numerous pamphlets and fugitive writings are backed by his journals: The Herald of Revolt (1910 – 1914) covers the years leading up to the First World War; The Spur (1914 – 1930) covers the war years; The Commune (1923 – 1929) and The Council (1931 – 1933) reveal the conflict between the Council and the Party concepts of the organisation; The Word (1938 – 1968) covers the Second World War and beyond. Guy Aldred’s autobiography No Traitor’s Gait! was unfinished when he died, and although it deals only with the early years of his life (1902 – 1910), it is almost half a million words in length.

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