The Musical Times 1844 – 2006

In 1844, the now-forgotten Joseph Mainzer’s Musical Times and Singing Circular was taken over by Novello’s and published as the Musical Times. After concentrating on Choral work early on, the journal widened its scope to encompass the whole musical scene. It is now one of the oldest and most highly respected music journals in the world, and a unique source for research into the history of music. Among the events chronicled are: the early reception in Britain of controversial composers like Schoenberg, Scriabin and Stravinsky; the brief fame of men such as Hiller and Spohr; the obscurity in their own time of Chopin and Schubert; the rise of jazz and the early application of the gramophone, broadcasting and the cinema to music.

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The Strad 1890 – 2005

The Strad was one of the first of a group of specialised music publications springing up at the end of the 19th century. Subtitled “For the professional and amateur of all stringed instruments played with the bow”, The Strad has kept faith with this description. The bulk of the material relates to performance, and there is a comprehensive international review section and features on prominent players.

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The Organ 1921 – 2005

This important specialist magazine provides historical and contemporary information on The Organ. Articles published comprehensively cover the instrument; its history, building, playing, marketing etc. Particularly outstanding are the magazine’s numerous reviews of fine and historic organs the world over.

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Musical Opinion 1877 – 2005

For well over a century, Musical Opinion has been one of the leading British periodicals devoted to the appreciation of the music world. “Over the years, Musical Opinion has attracted many distinguished contributors to its columns, especially during the pre-World War II period.” Microform Review, Spring 1981.

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