Held at the Barber-Surgeons Hall in London, the Barbers’ Archives are divided into five sections:

  • Records of External Authority and Regulation includes: Characters; Acts of Parliament; Bye-Laws; Illuminated Arms, etc.
  • Records relating to the Government of the Company Includes: Minutes of the Court, Examiners and Committees; Summoning Books, etc.
  • Membership Records Includes: Annual Lists of Court and Livery listing Members details; Registers of Freedom Admissions; Turnover Books; Orphans books, etc.
  • Records relating to Professional Activities Includes: Naval Surgeons Certificates.
  • Records relating to Charities, Company Property and Estates Includes: Charity Fund Accounts; Pension Accounts: Book of Property and Estates; Inventory, Records of the Irish Estate, etc.

43 reels
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